The Art of Baccarat and the Way to Win Millions

Introduced by the Italians to the French in the 15th century, baccarat is a game that uses playing cards that can be played traditional or game specific. There are three variations of the baccarat card game, the last variation of which is a game of chance while the first two would involve some skill.

In the first variation, baccarat chemin de fer or baccarat railway, there are six full cards with the same patterns that are shuffled together. There is a given bank which prevails only as long as the banker wins. In baccarat banque, the banker holds a more permanent position, in punto banco baccarat, or North American baccarat, a bet can be placed on either the banker or the player.

In baccarat there are cards that are worth face value, those that are worth one point and those that are worth nothing or zero. All tens and face cards are the cards worth nothing while the aces are worth one point. The rest of the cards are worth their face value. In baccarat the total value of the cards must either equal or not exceed ten. If the cards' value in total exceed ten, the first digit is dropped. For example, if the cards are eight and nine, the total would be seventeen. Hence, one from the seventeen would be dropped and the total value is now seven. Casino baccarat card game works the same way. If the total value is equal to ten, the cards would have no value and are called baccarat. In this card game, the worst hand takes the name of the game.

When we play baccarat the cards are face down and are dealt to the player first then the banker until each holds two cards. The cards in each player's hands are then turned over, added and the dealer or croupier announces the total value of each player's cards. The objective is to have a hand with the highest total to win.

Casino baccarat card game is played in specially designated rooms away from the gaming area. The reason for this is that this is high stakes game that needs additional privacy and security. It is indeed a game for the high rollers who bet hundreds to thousands on a single hand and it is probable to lose millions in one night.

Mini-baccarat is in essence exactly the same game but a smaller table is used when playing. Only one dealer is in charge of the whole game and the pace is much faster. Also betting is much lower. Most of the time, mini-baccarat is what is offered in casinos because baccarat itself could cause the casino to lose or win millions of dollars in just one night.